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GALLERY TALLY: Broadcast Exhibition
Exhibition at Ohio State University

Creating Consent Culture - August 27th
Arden Surdam - Sept 12

I am Jurying the feminist-themed open call exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe

Upcoming in Spring/Summer 2017:
The third annual Femmes' Video Art Festival Feminist Summer Camp

Earlier this year:
The press has been giving me a lot of love lately, and I'm grateful! How awesome to know that so many journalists are concerned enough to cover stories about the fight for gender equity! (Chris Knight, Matt Stromberg, Carolina Miranda, Catherine Wagley, Deborah Vankin...)

Carolina Miranda included me in her LA Times article about art and social media (and they put a big ol' picture of me in the paper! woa.)

I was quoted in another LA Times article just a few days later - Deborah Vankin wrote about an upcoming all-female show at Sprüth & Magers, and challenged the notion that a 50/50 roster (of male and female artists represented) is the best way to seek equality - check out the debate here!

Catherine Wagley wrote a great article about Gallery Tally for ArtNews. (I am so grateful for the support of these amazing women journalists. thank you!)

In April I produced (through The Situation Room), the Femmes' Video Art Festival, with videos from all over the world! There were 320 submissions from 28 countries! 65 videos were selected to screen at the festival at The Situation Room, and an additional 65 videos were screened in thematic programs at LACE in Hollywood.

In May I went to Utah, where I invited 12 women from around the country to participate in a 12-day Feminist Summer Camp in the middle of a very rural valley in central Utah. It was revolutionary.
Right after that I went to Reykjavik, Iceland for 5 days to do a performance and do research. It was a phenomenal trip. I did a 24-hour durational performance, and met a real live troll AND a real live Elf .
Returning from Iceland I went to NYC where I hosted the first ever east-coast Feminist Friday in Central Park!
Back in LA in June, I had another Feminist Friday at The Situation Room - and it was possibly the biggest and best one yet!

At the end of June I begin a month-long road trip across the country on my way to Toronto. I will be doing research about the history of notable rural women around the States.
In Toronto, I will be attending Naked State - a residency at a naturist park! Klaus (my beloved dog) is coming with me on this trip, and we are traveling in my 16-year old Rav4 which has 320,000 miles on it. Pray that we make it!!

During all this, I am working with LACMA as an independent artist-advisor to the year-three grantees for the Art and Tech Program; I will be doing curatorial consulting (and some writing) or the Beall Center or Art and Technology at UCI or two exhibitions in 2017; I am jurying a feminist-themed exhibition at the Center or Contemporary Art in Santa Fe next spring. I hope to bring some of the Gallery Tally posters to the Pike School of Art in McComb, Mississippi on my trip across country (and, if I can swing it, I'll do a feminist dinner party, or feminist friday while I'm there!). Gallery Tally will have an exhibition at Ohio State University in Columbus in the all, too!
See you on Instagram! :D (there's more info about recent projects on the bio/CV and 'old news' page!)

Photo by Alex Aristei

All Images © Micol Hebron, 2016