Fresh Talk with Micol Hebron, for Fresh Art International, by Cathy Byrd. September 2015

Radio: The Politics Beat, Art Beat, The Beat, BPM for BFF FM radio, San Francisco, with Lily Simonson and Nick Pal, June 28, 2015,

Radio: Radio Espacio Estacion, June 7th, 2015, Autobody Buenos Aires. Hosted by Agustina Woodgate

Radio: Drawn to Scale: Micol Hebron, Kchung Radio 1630 am, March 28, 2015

Video: MSNBC Originals, Breaking Glass: Protesting Sexism in Her Backyard, Micol Hebron, released March 25, 2015

Video: Art 21: Andrea Zittel’s Social Experiment, January 23, 2015

Radio: Radio Espacio Estacion, hosted by Agustina Woodgate: Final Words, for Autobody, Miami, December 7, 2014

Video: KCET Artbound, Galleries Are a Man’s World, and Micol Hebron is Keeping Score, September 2, 2014,

Reeve, Ingrid, Evan Senn, Barbara Milliorn, “Life of an Artist, Episode 3”, webisode, July 5, 2014

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