This piece incorporated video, installation, and performance into a commentary about domestic space, the creative process, and my role as a female artist as an analogy for women’s roles in society (mother, nurturer, sex object, etc.).

I transformed my studio space into a stylized house, with a very stark interior. The construction of the interior alluded to domestic space, particularly the kitchen. The floor was white linoleum, the walls were yellow (also the color of hysteria, according to Freud), there was neat white molding board at the base of all of the walls.

On shelves above the doorway there were 2 televisions, each playing a continuous loop. One television featured a series of hands, each holding an egg. The person holding the egg punctured it with a pin, and moved the pin in and out in a very coital motion, to break the yolk inside. On the next monitor there were a series of 2 hands holding an egg up to a mouth. The mouth then blew the content of the egg out a small hole.

In the middle of the room I had constructed a large nest made of scrap metal. The next was approximately 7 feet across and 5 feet deep, and it was suspended from the ceiling. The inside of the next was lined with feathers, and I lay in it, naked, for the duration of the show (2 days). There were plastic tubes that ran throughout the next and into and out of every orifice of my body (ears, nose, mouth, anus, vagina).

All Images © Micol Hebron, 2016