Fountains is a 6-channel video installation that features 2 projections on each of 3 walls of a square room. The projections are approximately 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide and are evenly spaced apart at eye level (the bottom of the image is 54” from the ground – standard museum height for hanging paintings).

In each image I am sitting in the center of the frame wearing a different colored monochromatic outfit and holding a clear plastic bucket in my lap. I vomit into the bucket the same color as the outfit that I am wearing. The video images shift colors in rotations of 30, 60, and 90 seconds, causing the rainbow of images to circle around the room, and the viewer.

This piece was constructed to address issues of painting – color mixing, the color wheel, different color combinations, as well as the position of the artist as Creator and physical and psychological conduit for the production of art. I intend the piece to offer a pastiche of the social imperative that ‘one’s beauty on the inside match the beauty on the outside’. In this piece and in Pisces Climactica it is my desire to explore the (im)possibility of investigating issues of painting through video, as well as notions of the aesthetic and the polemical - asking the viewer to reconcile their position of subjectivity (that which is based on fetishizing the 'beautiful' with that which is constructed through the culturally disturbing notions of vomiting). Fountains was also inspired by the legacy of 'Fountain' projects in 20th century art history - most notably Duchamp, Nauman, and Baldessari

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All Images © Micol Hebron, 2016