Established in 2012, the Fontbron Academy aims to educate, entertain, and enlighten so that our students will be able to fully navigate the rigors of modern life (through art).

Description: The Fontbron Academy proudly presents Lectures for Better Living (Through Art), a series of six performative lectures that will endeavor to elucidate the many valuable life lessons that can be gleaned through a careful look at art history. What can the work of Chris Burden teach us about gun safety? What can Tom Marioni teach us about alcoholism? Can a Paul McCarthy sculpture really help us understand air travel? You bet it can, and we at the Fontbron Academy will tell you how. Using rhetoric, PowerPoint, interactive elements, and a little imagination, each lecture will explore a different topic through the uniquely illustrative power of art. We hope you will join us for this transformative learning opportunity.

This lecture series will cover the breadth of the Southland and will appear in venues ranging from museum lecture halls to freeway underpasses. One lecture per month will be presented from July through December. Provided free as a public service to the community from the Fontbron Academy. Certificates offered upon completion of program.

Founded in 2012, Fontbron Academy is composed of Robert Fontenot and Micol Hebron

Robert Fontenot is a Los Angeles based, internationally known conceptual artist. Primarily known for his work in textile art and bread dough sculpture, this is his first foray into performance.

A true quintuple threat, Micol Hebron is a video artist, performer, writer, editor, and award-winning independent curator. Well known throughout the Los Angeles art scene for her innovative performance techniques, she is excited to apply her alternative pedagogical strategies in the Fontbron Academy.

Fontbron Trailer V2 from Unicornkiller on Vimeo.

All Images © Micol Hebron, 2016