Jock Rock is a video extracted from a 4-hour performance in which I learn to hula-hoop, eventually hooping with 3 hulas at a time. In a sarcastic emulation of the large breasted girls-on-trampolines or Dallas Cowboy cheerleader-types, I perform my hula-hooping topless. The video is cropped awkwardly, however, and my clumsy physique, coupled with high-waisted jeans makes for an extremely unappealing display of sexuality in a context that is stereotypically meant to be erotic and arousing. The juxtaposition of the enticing undulations of a hula-hooper with the bumbling, herky-jerky movements that cause my breasts to bounce and wiggle uncomfortably in and out of the frame, present an otherwise sexy activity in an unglamorous and abject manner.

All Images © Micol Hebron, 2016